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Save Money with Smart Food Shopping

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Before You Go 

In these economic times we are all looking to save money, but planning your grocery shopping can also help you save time and eat healthier too! So, schedule yourself time to plan.

Use tools like www.choosemyplate.govas a guide.

Make a list of meal ideas for the week. Don't forget about the days you'll be in a rush and don't have time to cook!

Plan the evening meal first and use plan-overs (leftovers) for lunch!

Look at your store's ad and available coupons for things you plan to buy.

Then, make your grocery list. You may want to plan in some flexibility. Things change!

At the Store 

Most importantly, Use Your List!

Shop when you have time and the store isn't crowded (good luck here).

Try to shop just once a week at stores that usually have the lowest prices.

Limit your distractions like children and cell phones.

Shop when you're not hungry, or else you may impulse buy!

Also compare the cost of convenience. Usually the more ready to eat the product is, the more expensive it is.

Buy your staples (things you always use) when they are on sale.

Comparing the unit price can really save dollars.

Look for BOGO/Buy one, get one free specials.

Don't linger in the middle of the store. By limiting yourself to the outside aisles, you'll get all the basics you need: produce, dairy, meat and bread and avoid the inner aisles that have  more processed, more expensive foods.

Make Comparisons 

The price is usually shown on a shelf sticker just below the product.

Unit Price
13.86 per oz
Toasted Oats

36 oz

The unit price is the cost of the item per ounce or other unit of measure. The product with the lowest unit price IS the best buy, if it meets your other needs. It allows you to compare the cost of different size packages of the same item, as well as the cost of competing brands. It will even allow you to compare the cost difference of different forms of the same item (fresh, canned and frozen carrots, for example). Give store brands a try. They usually have a lower unit price and taste as good as the national brands.