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Sexual Risk Avoidance

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Schools/Organizations that are currently Choosing the Best:
  • AMIkids
  • Okaloosa Academy
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast
  • Eglin Youth Center

Sexual Risk Avoidance 

stand up speak out

Stand Up Speak Out is a Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program facilitated by the Florida Department of Health in Okaloosa County. Stand Up Speak Out’s primary focus is the health of adolescents and encourages the avoidance of at-risk sexual behaviors. The goal is to eliminate associated risks, such as physical, mental, emotional, and social components through an abstinence-centered program. This program influences positive youth development through the Choosing the Best curriculm and guides students on how to make the healthiest choices and develop skillsets for character building.

The program ends at the conclusion of Summer 2017.

What is Choosing the Best? 

The Choosing the Best curriculum guides students on how to approach and avoid possible lifestyle risks, and it promotes abstinence as the healthiest choice. The curriculum also teaches students about goal-setting, healthy relationships, refusal skills, and building character.

It is proven that youth completing the Choosing the Best curriculum are 1.5 times more likely to delay the onset of sexual behavior. 

Some of the topics include:

Middle School

  • Choosing the Best WAY
  • Choosing the Best PATH
  • Choosing the Best LIFE

High School

  • Choosing the Best JOURNEY
  • Choosing the Best SOUL MATE

Why Choosing the Best Works:

  • Motivational Learning Environment — Video vignettes of real-life teens, in-depth discussions, classroom exercises and role-plays engage the students in learning.
  • Medical Learning Model — Current information on STDs, emotional consequences and teen pregnancy.
  • Relationship Education and Refusal Skills — Provides students with the confidence to handle negative peer and relationship pressures.
  • Parent Involvement — Student Manual provides at-home opportunities for parent-student interaction.*
  • Character Education — Students are challenged to develop respect, self-respect, compassion, honesty and courage.

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