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Medical Amendments and Apostille Certificates

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Medical Amendments 

Amending the medical certification or cause of death section on the death certificate requires the certifying physician or medical examiner to complete and file:

Affidavit of Amendment to Medical Certification of Death(pdf 709.42kb)

This includes not only the cause of death and manner of death, but also "...the date of death, hour or time of death or the place of death other than street address..."

There is no amendment fee associated with a medical amendment. However, if a certification of the amended death record is desired, a fee of $5.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each subsequent copy ordered at the same time is required.

Questions on the medical affidavit should be directed to (850) 833-9255.

Apostille Certificates 

Apostille death certificates are those prepared to give to foreign countries.

The following situations are examples of when an Apostille death certificate could be required:

Burying a deceased family member in a foreign country

Settling an estate of a deceased family member in a foreign country

Need an Apostille Application? Learn more about the steps you must take to apply for and obtain an Apostille Certificate.