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Shopping with WIC

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    Mailing Address

    221 Hospital Drive NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 

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Using Your WIC EBT Card

The WIC EBT Card is a safe and convenient
way to use your WIC benefits.

You will use your WIC EBT card to purchase WIC
approved foods at authorized WIC grocery stores. If
you have questions or problems using your WIC EBT
card, call Customer Service at 1-866-629-1095.
When calling customer service, be careful entering
numbers. You will get three (3) chances to enter your
card number and PIN before being disconnected.

Take Care of your WIC EBT Card

Do NOT write your PIN on your card.
Do NOT keep your PIN in your purse or wallet.
Do NOT give your PIN to anyone that you do not
want to use your card.
Do NOT bend your card.
Do NOT place your card in direct sunlight, such as
on a car's dashboard. Keep it away from items such as magnets,
cell phones, TVs and microwaves.

Using Your WIC EBT Card

Check Your Account Balance

Check your balance before shopping. You can do this
by calling Customer Service at 1-866-629-1095 or by
going to the WIC EBT website.

If there is a WIC EBT Point of Sale (POS) machine at the store, you can slide your card and enter your PIN to get your balance.

Shop for Your WIC Foods

Buy what you need. You do not have to buy all your
foods at one time.

If your benefits include 1 bag of dry beans, you can
buy either a 16 ounce bag OR 4 (four) 15-16 ounce
cans of beans. Each can of beans you buy will subtract
0.25 from your bean balance. When you have 0.75,
0.50, or 0.25 bag left on your card, you can only buy
canned beans.

If you purchase powdered milk, read the label to
determine how many quarts or gallons the box makes.

At Check-Out

Have your WIC EBT card ready.

Before scanning any of the foods, tell the cashier you
are using a WIC EBT card.

When the cashier tells you, slide your WIC EBT card in
the Point of Sale (POS) machine or hand your WIC EBT
card to the cashier.

Enter your PIN and press the enter button on the

The cashier will scan your foods.

The amount of approved food items and dollar
amount of fruits and vegetables you purchase will be
deducted from your WIC EBT account.

The cashier will give you a receipt that shows
your remaining benefit balance and the date benefits

Reading Your Receipt

Your remaining balance will be listed at the bottom
of your cash register receipt. It will tell you what you will be
able to purchase with each item on the receipt.

Reading Your Receipt for Baby

Baby Formula
If your baby receives formula, the receipt will show
the number of cans/containers of formula.
Baby Cereal
24.00 oz = up to 24 oz purchased in 8 or 16 oz boxes
or plastic containers
Baby Fruits Vegetables
128.00 or 256.00 oz = up to 128 oz or 256 oz
purchased in 4, 6, 7, or 8 oz jars/packages
Baby Meats
31.00 jar = 31 jars purchased in 2.5 oz jars

Keep Your Card

Keep your WIC EBT card and bring it with you each
time you come to the WIC office.

If your child's doctor changes his/her formula... 

We will need a "WIC Formula Request" form completed by your child's doctor -- if the formula is something other than the contract WIC formulas. You will get this form from your doctor or on the Florida Department of Health's site.

This entire form needs to be completed, including a valid medical diagnosis and the number of months the formula is requested for (the maximum is 6 months).

If the request form is approved, any unopened cans of formula that you have will need to be returned to WIC in exchange for the requested formula.

NOTE: If your infant is in need of a special formula, he/she may need to be more closely monitored by WIC and may need more frequent appointments.

Florida WIC Contract Formulas

Florida WIC Foods Booklet lists the foods that are approved by Florida WIC.

Where to shop

CHAIN STORES in Okaloosa County
Wal-Mart Supercenter

Eglin Commissary
Hurlburt Commissary
Six Brothers Thrifty Foods (Crestview)
Pic-N-Save (Baker Crestview)
Piggly Wiggly (Fort Walton Beach)